Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some Scrapped items

Not many words today. Just pictures.

Bookclub project from two books ago. I keep forgetting to take it to show to the group.

One of two new pages. I love the scalloped Bazzil

And this is the full version of the sneak peek. So many things wrong with this layout, but the Vagabond paper and journaling pulls it through

And my new bookshelves, specifically purchased to hold albums. They hold the Dalee 3 ring binder and the CM albums. It's the IKEA Bonde line. Picture stinks. Shelves are awesome!

Monday, October 23, 2006


When rousing my 8yo this morning, I volunteered to help her pick out clothes. She looked sluggish and I thought she would appreciate the help.

So...I asked her what she wanted to wear today.

Her answer? "Pajamas." Then she buried her head back into her pillow.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Possums and Mice and Voles, oh my!

There was a possum in our garage last night when Charlie came home with the girls from dance. I didn't see it (luckily)

Last week, Charlie was watching TV and happened to look down, and a little while mouse was starting up at him. I found him sitting in the TV room with a broom (to whack the little thing if it came back).

Of course this all started a month ago when I was confronted by a brown creature in the hallway to the bathroom. It was "mouselike", but larger, and very, very brown. I believe this was a vole? We don't know. I just gave my little mouse shriek (it's not very shriek-y...more of a gasp of surprise) and it ran away.

This all goes with the family of raccoons we saw a few block away. There were six of them all together climbing down a tree and crossing the road.

Did I share the raccoon story? I was in the car with the girls on 46th Street, just East of Lake Harriet where there are really big houses and a boulevard in the street with trees on it. It was just past dusk, I noticed something moving across the road, so I slowed WAAAAY down. The raccoons used this time to scamper back to the tree, so as I slowly drove by, the lights from the car illuminated 5 or 6 racoons clinging to the trunk of a not so large tree. I figured they were a family, even though they were all close to full size. I mentioned to the girls..."Look, it's a raccoon family". Margaret asked "Where are the babies". I said, "well the babies are grown up, but they aren't quite adults, so they live with their parents still" She replied, "Oh, Raccoon Teenagers". I laughed 'til I cried. You can't make this stuff up...kids are just too funny.

Anyway, did I tell anyone I live IN Minneapolis. Not in the suburbs. Not in a cornfield. IN Minneapolis. What's with the animals? If I wanted wildlife, I'd move to a farm. Maybe we need to get a cat.

(I LOVE my fat squirrels. I feed them with the squngee...you don't think the squirrels are inviting all the others, telling about what great hosts we are, do you? I keep my corn for the squngee safely sealed away, so I don't think it's the corn supply attracting them.)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Scrapbook Page Teaser

I forgot how much I love the BasicGrey Vagabond line.

Here I mixed Navy Making Memories Paint with Steel MM Paint for the perfect color! Used the MM "simply Fabulous" foam stamps (work great with the Basic Grey Monograms) for my title. I was inspired on the title first. Now I have to finish the pages for bookclub Thursday night. Hopefully I'll use the book we're supposed to be using..."More than One Photo"...yes, I have mulitple photos picked out for this layout.

So, for my scrapping public...it's not quite a page...but I'll post it after bookclub on Thursday (I want to show my bookclub friends, first)

(Oh...and my work table that is showing on the lower and right hand side of the photo...isn't it also the perfect match for this paper?)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Last soccer game

Wow! What a fun soccer season. Low key, two games a week and no practices. Margaret left every game asking when the next one was, she loved every minute and even had one assist and one goal for the year. And not only did she get the cool green T-shirt out of the deal (with #7 on the back), they got little personalized trophies! We did not know that was part of the deal (ok, how dumb are we?) and Margaret was absolutely THRILLED!

This morning was a lovely morning to be outside. We are signing up for sure when spring comes along!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

How did I miss this?

I found this link on the Cosmo Cricket website. It is a SNL parody of scrapbooking. Surely this one has been out and around the block a few times. But I missed it.

In case you did too (and if you have a sense of humor), click the link and laugh. I like the scrapper's husband referring to himself as a "scrubby" and his commenting on the state of their dinner table.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So when did this happen?

I came home and noticed my little girl looking a lot more pre-teen than little girl-ish. I know she's only 8, and 13 is a LONG ways away. I think...isn't it?

BTW...this little girl loves dogs. Have I mentioned that? Here's a picture of her with the books she pores over for hours and hours...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

From the archives...Leprechauns

I found this story in a file on my work computer. I need to scrap this story...but thought it so cute I decided to post it here, also.

Warning...it is a cute kid story...pass it up if you don't need the saccharine.

Dated 3/17/05

I was getting Amelia (my 1st grader) ready for school this morning and she
asked me to help her get dressed. I picked out jeans, a white shirt
and a green cardigan (for St. Pat's day).

She proceded to tell me that she needed green EVERYTHING. So I picked
out Green pants.

"No mommy, I need a green shirt, too!"

After much searching for a green shirt...

"But mommy, I need green underwear and green socks and shoes, too"

"But honey, we don't have any green socks or shoes. (I had found the
green "days of the week" underwear by this time, that she refuses to
wear any other day because she doesn't like the way they look)"

"But mommy, if I'm not wearing all green my Leprechaun will PINCH me!"

"Pinch you? I don't think your Leprechaun will pinch you if you don't
have green socks. He won't even see them!"

"No mommy. He'll pinch my toes! I don't want Max to pinch my toes"

"Who's Max?"

(looking at me, quite exasperated by this time) "MY LEPRECHAUN!"

"Oh. I didn't know you had your own leprechaun."

By this time I am darn glad I am a resourceful mom with lots of craft items at
my fingertips. I drew shamrocks on her socks with a pigment marker
and tied green ribbons around her shoes.

So she looks at me with her big smile and asks, "There mommy, how do
I look?"

I replied "Good enough to pinch"

She sure gave me a look for that comment! (lol)

Then she started on her 4 year old sister, who was very happy that I had
let her wear a pretty dress, tights, and the shoes with the hearts on
them. "Margaret, you're not wearing green! Your leprechaun is going
to pinch you!"

I was quite distressed at this comment as we were already running
late and I had no idea how I would produce another set of green

Margaret saved the day. Her reply? "I'm too pretty to pinch. My
leprechaun is going to DANCE with me!"

Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend Musings

This weekend I drove East and South...to Beloit, Wisconsin. Once again, the views were beautiful...especially between Eau Claire and Tomah. In addition to the trees changing, the fields were gorgeous colors of brown and orange and amber. I only got a few pics since I was driving, but I can't get enough of the scenery, especially when a barn or silo is involved. I love the red barns...but love the weathered ones, too.

The reason for my solo trip to Beloit was a reunion for my high school church choir. We had a traveling choir and did good singing, had fun, and travelled the US. We were directed by The Rev. Paul Walker, and he retired this weekend. We had a grand party for him...complete with a short concert. All our old supporters came out to see us! It was great to see everyone...especially Paul. I had to snap a picture of him directing us...it was good to see his face from that perspective again.

He is actually moving to Rochester Minnesota. What a weird place to retire (less so if you're a Lutheran Pastor, I guess). Anyway...it was good to see everyone and I got to stay in my mom's new house...and put up her squngee. (Her house warming gift)

I missed my family (I'm such a weenie about that) It was good to read to the girls last night, and snuggle with them in their beds, and tell them stories, and feel them fall asleep while laying next to me. Mmmmm. Home.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Go Pink!

I work for Seagate. We make disc drives. (Oh, and if you click on the Seagate link, note the design of the blue header. Pretty cool, eh?) Here's a current promotion going on for the month of October.

You can buy the Seagate Pocket Drive with a Pink Case for $109. It's about 3 inches in diameter and a little under 1 inch thick. The cable rolls up inside the case, so it is kind of like a small hockey puck. It holds 6 GigaBytes. You can backup files and move files easily from computer to computer (probably the most useful feature). They were given away to the audience members on the Ellen show on October 5th.

The product is coool. The fact that Seagate is giving money to Breast Cancer Research is even cooler.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Autumn Glory

We went to a wedding in Alexandria this weekend. It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive West-North West of Minneapolis. It was an absolutely glorious weekend. The color, the sunlight, the weather. Wow.